Discovered GNUnet. A redesign of the Internet with privacy in mind. The main point that stuck with me was that it is a framework, not the end product. It often occured to me that a lot of the inovative privacy-respecting distributed applications have to reinvent a lot of stuff. Which is a dumb thing to do if you know anything about security or value your developers’ time.

Found out about CADET-GTK which is a GNUnet-based messenger: CADET-GTK
Looks to be alive, supports libhandy (convergence, yay!), though not very far in terms of development. Maybe I should help here?

GNUnet repository: Looks to be alive. Nice.

GNUnet documentation: Lots of modules are provided, e.g. DHT, File Sharing, GNS name service, crypto functions, …
Several interesting apps are already in the making with this. Sounds interesting.

GNUnet is NOT based on or using blockchain. GOOD! I hate blockchain.

Discovered Taler: GNU microtransactions system that could act as an alternative to ads.


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