Discovered and with some interesting points on how and why the current Internet is broken. Can’t really argue with them…

Federation doesn’t work, here is why: I thought federation was a way to go, an improvement on the current centralized corporation-owned services. Though still somewhat true, I can’t argue that federation isn’t as awesome and wildly spread as it should’ve been by now.

GNUnet looks to be “better” than I2P or Tor according to SecuShare’s site.

Is SecuShare project still alive? Looks interesting, lots of good ideas and observations (e.g. on federation and P2P technology in social setting).

Well, there are 2020 updates on the page. Sounds like it lives to some extent.

SecuShare Prototype: “Mobile is further down the road, re-using the code for desktop. The problem is getting our daemons onto mobile operating systems.” — looks like a job for PinePhone, i.e. native GNU/Linux smartphone?


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