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Discovered GNUnet. A redesign of the Internet with privacy in mind. The main point that stuck with me was that it is a framework, not the end product. It often occured to me that a lot of the inovative privacy-respecting distributed applications have to reinvent a lot of stuff. Which is a dumb thing to do if you know anything about security or value your developers’ time.

Found out about CADET-GTK which is a GNUnet-based messenger: CADET-GTK
Looks to be alive, supports libhandy (convergence, yay!), though not very far in terms of development. Maybe I should help here?

GNUnet repository: Looks to be alive. Nice.

GNUnet documentation: Lots of modules are provided, e.g. DHT, File Sharing, GNS name service, crypto functions, …
Several interesting apps are already in the making with this. Sounds interesting.

GNUnet is NOT based on or using blockchain. GOOD! I hate blockchain.

Discovered Taler: GNU microtransactions system that could act as an alternative to ads.



Markdown, anyone?

Right after sending my first post I discovered that I couldn’t be bothered to enter raw HTML. Markdown on the other hand is quite easy to write. Hence my update to the wordpress-rest-curl tool, which does the transformation from markdown to HTML on its own!



I’ve improved my WordPress instance with the ability to post to it through the REST API right from the terminal. How? See https://git.dejvino.cz/dejvino/wordpress-rest-curl

And why? I want to experiment with “brainwave” posts, i.e. very short posts that require only minimal effort on my part, but still provide a lot of value. To any potential reader and to me as well, since I can easily track and record what I worked on.