SecuShare Runs

Last activity on the SecuShare Git Repository was almost exactly a year ago. Over the year the guys over at the core GNUnet did some API-breaking changes. Due to this, SecuShare does not compile.

Luckily the changes needed are mostly minor. I did some digging in the history of the GNUnet git repo and found out what were the API changes. The patch can be found in my gnunet-secushare git repository.

After this SecuShare could finally compile. The next problem was that it wouldn’t run. More precisely, gnunet-arm didn’t recognize the service.

I’m not sure if my installation is somehow misconfigured, but everything related to SecuShare was moved to a directory gnunet-secushare and not gnunet. That is why the service could not be picked up. I decided to symlink the config files and binaries into the right place:

cd /usr/share/gnunet/config.d
for i in multicast.conf psyc.conf psycstore.conf social.conf; do \
 sudo ln -s /usr/share/gnunet-secushare/config.d/$i $i; \

cd /usr/lib/gnunet/libexec
for i in gnunet-service-multicast gnunet-service-psyc gnunet-service-psycstore gnunet-service-social; do \
 sudo ln -s /usr/lib/gnunet-secushare/libexec/$i $i; \

I guess you could e.g. re-configure the build of SecuShare to move the files to the correct directory. Or update the gnunet-secushare-git AUR package. But maybe I’m just doing this wrong and gnunet-arm could be configured to look in multiple directories?

Anyway, with this I was able to start all the SecuShare services and run the gnunet-social app successfully. Not that it did anything useful. Then again I still haven’t looked at the code and what it is capable of. Let’s not forget this is an experimental prototype and not the final product. Next time!


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