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Serial Connection to ZyXEL NGB6515

This evening I toyed around with my now deprecated wireless router ZyXEL NGB6515. After opening the case there is a distinct 4-pin connection point for the serial console. The pins being 3.3V, GND, TX, RX (3.3V is the square pin).

Connecting a USB-to-Serial dongle set to 57600 bauds yielded a log from the main MediaTek MT7620a processor. Right after I connected the 12V power there is a short period when the bootloader (U-Boot) waits for an integer input to choose which mode of operation the device should run in (e.g. flashing, OS boot etc.).

By default the system boots a 3.2.9 Linux kernel. Though I couldn’t come up with a way of controlling the command prompt. There is a “cmd>” prompt, but it ignored any input and just reprinted the prompt on every newline.

Sadly this device is not supported by OpenWRT, even though the MT7620a processor is a pretty standard chip among home routers.


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