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Arch Linux ARM Installer for PinePhone

I started building an automated Arch Linux ARM installation and customization set of scripts to be used for the PinePhone. The aim is to make the process easier while still being able to customize every aspect of the OS.

Repository URL:

Arch Linux ARM running LXDE, Firefox and Onboard keyboard.

Arch Linux ARM was the best OS for PinePhone I’ve seen so far. It might be due to personal preference, but I just love how you have the full power of Arch on your mobile phone.

And if Arch is not your thing, at least you can learn what are the steps required for bringing a Linux OS into a PinePhone.


One reply on “Arch Linux ARM Installer for PinePhone”

You are awesome Thank You. Now my Pine phone works! 🙂

The real test will be when I go to Johannesburg and the stingray devices that drain the phone and install G-D knows what…( too many folks use Cell phones (open space) to broadcast banking details.)

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