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Prism break

If you haven’t heard about the Prism scandal, you should read a bit about it. But basically, numerous large companies based in the US have allowed private information of their users to be accessible to the government (the NSA, to

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Distributed social network – Friendica

My “short” initial info about distributed social networks and Friendica.¬† (802)

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WPConn looking good

My Friendica –> WordPress Connector (wpconn) is looking good! It is able to assign the right categories to the post as specified in the original Friendica post. For more info:¬† (872)

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Friendica 2 WordPress

The current Friendica –> WordPress connection is not as fully implemented as I hoped for it to be. It can only create a post with title+content, but the post is not assigned to any category, no tags are added. This

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Idea of the day

Being connected is awesome. (769)

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Post from Friendica

Posting from phone to Friendica connected to WordPress? Hell yeah! (795)

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