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Post from Friendica

Made a test purchase at with my renewed payment card. It works & I got KSP, total win! (878)

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Common Linux config files

Finally got fed up with not being able to find my VIM or BASH configuration files when I needed them the most. That’s why I created my “configs page” (883)

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Raspberry Pi + Lego

Pure awesomeness! Engineers Build Supercomputer Using Raspberry Pi, Lego – …Because Technology Matters on Paritynews (788)

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WPConn looking good

My Friendica –> WordPress Connector (wpconn) is looking good! It is able to assign the right categories to the post as specified in the original Friendica post. For more info:¬† (872)

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Orden Ogan – We Are Pirates

This song is simply awesome. In both versions: We Are Pirates We Are Pirates (Folk Version) (895)

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Post from Friendica

Posting from phone to Friendica connected to WordPress? Hell yeah! (795)

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