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How to use an ESP8266 — a jumpstart tutorial

If you haven’t done so already, go buy yourself an ESP8266-based board. It is a powerful little microcontroller. Something like Arduino but with WiFi. What hardware to get ESP8266 board. Various versions are available: tiny 8-pin ones: esp8266-wi-fi-wireless-serial-port-data-transceiver-module-blue-black-369015 bigger ones

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Firefox Extensions

Here is a short list of Firefox extensions that I think are essential for your everyday browsing. I don’t want to persuade you into using them, this is more like a note to self for future reference. Language packs. Translations,

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Playful Little Corpses Released

My very own horror game “Playful Little Corpses” is now released. To find out more about it, head to the project entry page or to the main page of the game. Download it and give it a try! Project entry

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Projects page is open

I’ve opened a new page dedicated to the projects I worked on. You can find links to source code of various games and utilities. Every project entry is described in short and you know whether it was just an idea

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HTTP and HTTPS running on the same port

Running HTTP and HTTPS on the same port with Apache. They said it couldn’t be done. They were wrong! I’ve modified a simple Python port forwarding utility to act as a port multiplexer that can automatically forward HTTP and

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New Homepage

After uniting both of my personal domains ( and to have the same content, I’ve prepared a new personal hompage. Links: The purpose of this page is to act as a simple roadsign with directions to all

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Floppy drive music

I knew this could be done! … Game of Thrones’ main theme played by 6 floppy drives. Enjoy. (1227)

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Peer to peer in JavaScript

I just came across PeerJS – Peer-to-peer JavaScript library. Great to see this kind of API available, hope  we will soon see some real-world applications. (1033)

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Project idea – Fixing the ISS

There is an interesting project for your next free weekend – fixing the ISS by inventing a solar panel positioning algorithm. Sounds fun! For more information: (1044)

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The Cellular Automaton Method for Cave Generation

The Cellular Automaton Method for Cave Generation by j2kun on Math ∩ Programming (1899)

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