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Prism break

If you haven’t heard about the Prism scandal, you should read a bit about it. But basically, numerous large companies based in the US have allowed private information of their users to be accessible to the government (the NSA, to

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Floppy drive music

I knew this could be done! … Game of Thrones’ main theme played by 6 floppy drives. Enjoy. (1155)

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Peer to peer in JavaScript

I just came across PeerJS – Peer-to-peer JavaScript library. Great to see this kind of API available, hope  we will soon see some real-world applications. (975)

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Project idea – Fixing the ISS

There is an interesting project for your next free weekend – fixing the ISS by inventing a solar panel positioning algorithm. Sounds fun! For more information: (982)

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Inferno vs. Java

An interesting read back from the year 1996 about Inferno vs. Java – Infernos with its programming language (Limbo) seemed like such an awesome project. Why did it not take off and why do we use Java instead? I

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Plan 9 on Raspberry Pi – done

Finally got it working. All it needed was a 2+ GB SD card and not only 1 GB, which resulted in a restart-loop with error messages not far from “Something is broken! Panic!”. Next on my agenda – hook up

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Raspberry Pi case

It is finally here! My new Raspberry Pi case. You can buy it here – (8636)

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Distributed Pi

Plan 9 – distributed operating system, now ported to Raspberry Pi. …newly on my ToDo list. (1043)

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Raspberry Pi – sound HOW-TO

Here are a few pointers on how to make the sound work on Raspberry Pi. I’ve gathered these bits and pieces along the way of using this tiny computer. First of all – Arch Linux for ARM (i.e. alarm) is

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Raspberry Pi @ home

Finally! Raspberry Pi with 512 MB of RAM is here, in my hands! Let the fun begin… (889)

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